• SDC Team

New Construction Process

The process of new construction can be a daunting one when you think about all of the little details that go into a house. We try to simplify this process for you as much as possible. We do this by giving you several checklists throughout your build process.

To start, we lay out what these next 6-9 months will look like. A time frame of what is happening and when. This is a helpful tool to start organizing your thoughts, and figuring out what you need to think about and at what time things are getting started.

Today we are going to talk about the pre-construction process. The first action step is purchasing your lot. You are able to purchase your lot at any time, and you are given a time frame between 12 - 18 months to build your home.

Next step, choose your builder. Most SDC communities are a close builder community, which means you have to choose from the builders that are currently building in that community. SDC prides itself on having a rigorous builders program, only choosing the best of the best for each development.

Once you have chosen your builder, you design your floor plan. We will always have model homes in our developments to choose from, but all of our developments contain 100% custom built homes. You are able to choose every detail of your home, from layout, to design, to backyard, etc.

Next step...let's make it official! Next post we will cover what all goes into the construction process.



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