• SDC Team

New Homes for Sale in Wichita

Hello there! Have you guys taken a drive through our developments lately? Things are selling quickly. Usually around the holidays things tend to slow down, but not this year! In our Estancia development, we have had three lot reservations within the last couple of weeks! Do you know you are able to own a lot for up to 18 months before building? This is a GREAT opportunity to snag the lot of your choice, before working out the details (and finances) with the builder. We have people do this often when they are still in the preliminary stages of plannning, they know they want to build, they know the builder they like, they just need a few extra months to work out the details.

Building a home should not be a rushed process, it is not a quick sale, it is something that takes a lot of planning and time! We encourage you to take your time, and really think about each step of the process. We are more than happy to meet with you to answer any questions you may have...we are open daily from 1- 5pm in all of our developments!

Arbor Creek (no sales office yet), Bay Country (central and 119th), Estancia (37th and Ridge Rd)



(316) 721-2153