• SDC Team

New Homes Wichita

Have you been interested in building in Wichita, but think it may be too expensive? We have been seeing this quite a bit lately, people come out to see the models and have no clue that this could be something they can afford to do. Most people have a misconception that building your home, will cost WAY more than it does. We have communities where construction can start as low as $225k. We also offer programs where you can purchase a lot (as low as $16,000) and wait for up to 18 months to build on it. This is a GREAT way to reserve the perfect homesite, while spending the time to create your dream home.

Our agents out on site will put you in touch with the right builder, where you will begin to custom create your new home! A lot of times people come out to our communities and think that we ONLY offer the model homes, this is also false. We have builders build model homes, so it gives you a good place to start thinking, it is just a model, it is not the only option in the neighborhood.

All of our developments are 100% custom, and most of the time our buyers are custom building their homes. Please utilize the seasoned agents out on site, and ask them the tough questions about new construction...trust us they will be more than happy to help you out!



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