• SDC Team

The Construction Process

Last post we reviewed the PRE Construction Process, now we will break down the actual process when Construction begins.

1. Redline Meeting - This is the meeting you have with your builders to review the plans you have created together. This is the best time to make any major changes, especially anything structural. At this time the builder will provide a rough timeline for the next few months, and layout a plan for the future.

2. Digging the Basement - the first step is to dig the basement and pour the foundation! Once that has set, framing can begin.

3. Rough in Walk Thru - This will be a scheduled meeting where you step through every room in the house. You will discuss items like location of outlets, location of light switches, and if you want any dimmers or three way light switches. Think about all things electrical.

4. Trim Walk Thru - This is where you go through and examine all trim work, things like pantries, closets, linen cabinets, and all of the detail work.

5. Final Walk Thru - At this point in time you have seen your home come to life, now it is time to make sure everything is 100% perfect. This is the time to pay attention to the small details, and make sure everything is exactly how you envisioned it.

6. Closing Time - We have made it to closing! Hooray! Prior to closing we always suggest to transfer all utilities into your name, change your address, set up internet, and make sure you get the best insurance for a new home.

We hope this helps explain the process a little better. We are always here to help if you have any questions!



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