• SDC Team

Wichita Homes for Sale

Are you interested in buying a home? Have you been on the search for month's and can't find anything that is perfect? Maybe it has the layout you like, but you need an additional bedroom, you love the house but hate the lot, you love the lot, but hate the house...we have heard it all. It is time to build! So many people don't think about building a home, they think it is too expensive, it is not something they can afford to do. Well you are wrong...it is totally do-able, and we are here to help guide you!

First step, go talk to a lender. There are all sorts of different loan programs available for new construction. You can purchase a lot and you have 18 months to build on it! This is a great opportunity. We have communities that start at a price of $225k and lead up to $400k. There is a space for everyone!



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