• SDC Team

Wichita New Construction Neighborhoods

Updated: Aug 5, 2019

One of the most rewarding parts of new construction is watching a home come to life. Watching the "before's" turn in to "after's". From the blue prints to the final walk through, it is so fun to see it all come together. The same is to be said about the actual neighborhoods themselves. One of the most important things about new construction, is the development in which you choose to build. Choosing a new construction neighborhood is so important to the overall value in your home. We often see people make the choice of buying a new home that is cheaper, in a development where the agents are over promising and the developer is not delivering. Often times people buy in to the promise of the community looking a certain way, features being put in, tree lined streets, amenities, etc.

It is important to understand the developers reputation, how long has the neighborhood been under construction? What are the final plans? How big will the neighborhood be upon completion? What is going to be built around the neighborhood? Over the next few weeks we will begin to unpack how to find answers to some of these questions, and how to make sure you are making a smart investment with new construction.



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