Whoever made up the saying, “April showers bring May flowers” knew exactly what they were talking about. April was a wet month—May has been, too, frankly. The majority of the days leading up to now have had some kind of precipitation. While kids and pets might be getting a little antsy, our flowers are THRIVING from all the rain.

For those who have either looked to buy in or currently live in one of our new home communities, they know that SDC takes pride in restoring the natural beauty of the land we build homes on. We bring in seed and sod, build reserves, and maintain our landscape so that what was once green and flourishing can grow again once construction has moved on.

Natural Oasis

Although the home construction at Arbor Creek is still heavy, nature is proving to be resilient and is pushing back on the temporary destruction. The flowers at Arbor Creek are pushing through and displaying their vibrant colors alongside the disturbed dirt, giving homeowners glimpses of what they can expect to be surrounding their homes in the future. We’ve said a thousand times that this is one of the prettiest pieces of land that we’ve ever developed, and we stand by that statement—the landscape is naturally gorgeous. 


Of course, we will also plant native seeds to assist in the restoration, but it is exciting to watch nature take care of itself and encompass the development with greens, reds, yellows, and blues. Not only can home buyers expect the flowers and grasses to be restored, but there are big plans for Arbor Creek to be lined with trees along the streets, between houses, and everywhere in between. Residents will end up having their own little natural oasis that they can view from their back porch.

The Greenhouse that is Estancia

We’ve been ranting and raving about Estancia’s natural reserves and native grass restoration for years, now. Each year, we get more excited for the future of the development as new plants establish themselves along waterways and roads. We just cannot get over it.

Homeowners at Estancia live in such a unique neighborhood—it’s beautiful, it’s intimate, it’s perfect for anyone wanting the beauty and convenience of a large-scale community without being cramped between neighbors.

We are anxiously watching both of these new home developments for nature to surprise us even more with new flowers and grasses. Want to watch with us? Click the link below to be added to our mailing list and get the latest updates on landscape, lot pricing and availability, and home construction!

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